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The Diva Finally Inks A Deal with San Francisco


With the deadline to sign rookies quickly approaching, the San Francisco 49er’s and rookie receiver Michael Crabtree have finally settled on a deal. Apparently Crabtree was using family for his negotiations and we see where that got him. The deal was for a reported $32 million over six years but voidable after five if the cocky wideout doesn’t meet his catch quota. The likely problem was that Crabtree wanted Heyward-Bey type guaranteed money and the 49er’s refused to budge (good for them). Crabtree’s deal includes $17 million guaranteed.

After making a complete fool of himself and living up to the wide receiver stereotypical attitude, Crabtree will be lucky if he even sees the field during the regular season. The kid is good and definitely has the ability, but an NFL playbook isn’t a children’s short story. This is exciting news for the 49er’s franchise but it may take time. Not to mention, can the team, fans, and ownership truly believe that Michael Crabtree laces up his cleats everyday for the love of the game and belief in the team? Hardly.

Good luck Keyshawn Johnson Michael Crabtree.


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Michael Crabtree: Just Another Wide Receiver Diva?


This can’t be good.

Michael Crabtree has already lived up to the stereotype that ‘all receivers are divas’. Before ever taking the field as a professional athlete, Crabtree is already unhappy with his contract negotiations. I suppose that it’s one thing to be unhappy, but it’s completely different when you threaten not to play.

The San Francisco 49er’s drafted Michael Crabtree out of Texas Tech University with the tenth overall selection in the NFL Draft this past April. As we all know with first-round draft choices, every rookie waits on each other in order to maximize the dollar amount on their first-ever NFL paycheck. Although I feel like rookies get paid entirely too much money as it is, the wait-and-see approach by agents really does make the most sense. However, as reports have stated, Crabtree wants the money that a #3 overall draft pick would earn (a.k.a. Crabtree wants #3 money). In fact, Crabtree wants #3 money so bad that he has actually threatened to sit out the entire 2009 season and re-enter into the NFL Draft in April of 2010. And please take note before all hell breaks loose, these are rumors. Crabtree’s cousin, who also happens to be his adviser, stated that M.C. would not play for the Niners unless he was paid what he is worth. Crabtree’s agent, on the other hand, has stated that this rumor could not be farther from the truth. But with Crabtree yet to take the field or suit up, it’s beginning to look like the Niners are going to be one Crabtree shy come opening Sunday.

It was kind of apparent that Crabtree was a little “flashy” when he was at Texas Tech (new shape-up every three days, phat diamond earrings, cocky personality, etc.). But acting like a spoiled brat before ever putting on an NFL jersey is only hurting yourself. Back in 2007, the number two overall pick was Calvin Johnson, a receiver out of Georgia Tech. Johnson held out for eight days until he finally signed his six-year deal worth $64 million ($27.2 guaranteed).  With that contract in mind, I can only imagine that Crabtree is looking for something in the general ballpark – and I can’t see that happening.

Do the 49er’s need a franchise receiver? Absolutely. But when a man threatens your team (if reports are accurate), how do you continue on with firm beliefs that he will be a loyal and care-free employee? We’re talking about a multi-million dollar asset that’s apart of a multi-million dollar franchise…

We may not know the details of the drama, but it sure doesn’t look good on the cover.

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NFL News: Some Is Good, Some Is ‘Worse’


Just wanted to post a quick NFL News update, which should really come everyday because of how busy it has been lately:

LaDainian Tomlinson has accepted the restructured contract offer from the San Diego Chargers. For all those football fans who thought LT may come and wear your teams’ colors, I’m sorry. LT made the right move by taking less money and accepting the fact that he is on the “back end” of his career. As I said before, I don’t necessarily think that age 30 for LT is like age 30 for Shaun Alexander but the Chargers are playing it safe. And I’ll say one more thing about the Chargers, Darren Sproles is not their future. He’s a good jab for a two-back backfield but he cannot be the feature back in San Diego, or anywhere. That was free…

Sources are reporting that Jay Cutler and Denver Broncos’ officials took part in a conference call that was meant to tie-up the lose ends between the young quarterback and, particularly, rookie head coach Josh McDaniels. But according to a source close to the situation, the matter has gone “from bad to worse”. According to the source, Broncos’ officials had a tone that made it seem like the whole fiasco was Cutler’s fault and not their own. After the call, Cutler was reported as saying he would rather be traded than stay with a team that isn’t going to commit to him long-term. My personal feeling is that almost anyone can be traded in the NFL. With that being said, Cutler should suck it up and take it like a man. Don’t cry about it Jay, show them why you’re worthy – the NFL is a “show-me” league. But on the other hand, Jay Cutler has a point. He is a young guy who was drafted to be the franchise quarterback, or at least the best thing since a bum named Elway. If I was Cutler, I would want a team that is commited to me but I understand that I would have to prove that. Jay Cutler has yet to prove anything besides the fact that he has a legitimate cannon for an arm. Once Cutler gets the Broncos to the playoffs, maybe the front office will take his potential franchise label into consideration.

And finally, Alex Smith accepted a restructured contract offer from the San Francisco 49er’s, an offer that will pay Smith $20 million less than his original contract. Why would Alex Smith, a #1 draft pick jsut four years ago, do this? The 49er’s don’t necessarily think this kid is a bust. Smith, of course, doesn’t consider himself a bust. So I believe that Smith wants to stay in San Fran and prove to the team that drafted him that he was well worth their first overall pick and more than capable of being a franchise quarterback. Smith has been plagued with injuries for the majority of his first four seasons and a different coordinator every season has not helped him to develop. At just 24-years-old, Alex Smith was on a lot of team’s radar but he elected to stay with the Niners for less money. I will go out on a limb right now and say that Alex Smith will beat out Shaun Hill in training camp and Mike Singletary will have Alex Smith starting in Week One.

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Don’t Call Alex Smith A Bust Just Yet


Many believe that San Francisco 49er’s quarterback Alex Smith is a well-deserving player of the tragic “BUST” label, but I’m not so quick to diss the young man.

Has Alex Smith lived up to the hype? No, unfortunately he didn’t have the immediate success of Matt Ryan. But that doesn’t mean that the analysts and football fans should give up on the 24-year-old who has had a different offensive coordinator in each of his first four seasons. Not to mention, Smith has also been hampered by injuries that have kept him off the field for quite some time.

Earlier today, Alex Smith restructured his contract and took a paycut in order to stay in San Fran. But this wasn’t just any paycut, Alex Smith took  $20 million OFF his salary in order to prove himself as a worthy number one draft pick. In my opinion, taking a $20 million paycut is a little more than your typical “hometown discount” and it proves that Alex Smith wants to BE THE MAN in San Francisco.

Take it easy on Alex Smith. He’s young, has tons of potential, and he turned down a lot of money from other teams in order to stay with the franchise that drafted him. He was plagued by injuries in his first few years and no one has gotten a good look at the kid. I don’t expect the 49er’s to select a quarterback in the first-round of this year’s draft so I think Smith and Shaun Hill will battle it out in camp.

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UPDATE: Singletary dismisses Martz

Just a quick heads up from an earlier post of mine. When I wrote about Singletary earning the job in San Fran, I also mentioned that he would probably replace Martz. It wasn’t rocket science, I didn’t predict the future, everyone saw that coming. The two guys had different philosophies and they were better off with Martz going in a seperate direction. However, there’s no doubt in my mind that Martz can succeed elsewhere in the league, his offensive play call ideas are a lot of fun to watch. Good luck Mike Martz.

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Mike Singletary is new San Fran coach

The San Francisco 49er’s announced that Mike Singletary, the former interim head coach for the last nine games, will be the new head coach at the start of the 2009 season. Singletary coached the team to a 5-4 finish and established the leadership that the organization so desperately lacked.

With the promotion of Singletary, I would guess that the 49er’s will be in the market for a new coordinator for next season. Mike Martz is a damn good coordinator but it has been said that Singletary and Martz have their differences, most likely because Singletary prefers the run and solid defense game while Martz prefers a pass-happy offense. Whether Martz stays or not, I think the 49er’s will be a decent team next year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make a run at the division in 2009.

I had said before, along with many others, that Mike Singletary was the coach that this team needed. I’m happy that the York family decided to go with the wise decision. Singletary brings leadership, fire, and intensity to a team that has some young talent and good veterans.

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