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Troubled Receiver Heads to Jets in NFL Trade

Braylon Edwards 2

Former Browns’ receiver Braylon Edwards has had his fair share of trouble and rumors during his five-year stint in Cleveland. From his hands-of-stone last season to his most recent allegation of sucker punching LeBron James’ 170-pound friend outside of a nightclub, the Browns have finally seen enough.

On the other hand, the New York Jets were lacking a deep threat to accomodate rookie sensation (too soon?) Mark Sanchez. Not a doubt in my mind that Edwards is good and will likely help out Sanchez, but it’s the off-field stuff that should concern people. If Edwards gets into crap in Cleveland, what the hell will he be like in New York City? But then again, who knows? Maybe Edwards takes advantage of the HUGE opportunity that lies: a new scene, a big city, and a MUCH improved Jets team.

The Browns received wideout Chansi Stuckey, a third-round selection (which could turn into a second), a fifth-round selection, and a special teams player in return for Edwards. Although I am a fan of Stuckey, I think the Jets make out okay in this one but all their eggs appear to be in one basket.


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Boston Celtics Taking Tips from Hometown Patriots?

Ray Allen and Paul Pierce

The New England Patriots are known for picking up what some teams would call their “leftovers” and signing them to veteran deals. The expected result, the potential output, of these “old timers” is never guaranteed. However, Bill Belichick and the Pats always take a chance. And you know what? It always works. The 2009 veteran signees, Joey Galloway and Fred Taylor, are yet to be seen. But you can bet that they will perform ten times stronger than anywhere else in the league.

Just down the road, in Boston, the Celtics and general manager Danny Ainge seem to be taking a page out of the Patriots book. Two seasons ago, the Celtics brought in veterans Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett as a result of a blockbuster trade. Ray Allen was a proven and respected player in the NBA, KG was a proven and respected player in the NBA, and the Celtics were ready to win ‘now’. The team already had Paul Pierce and they wanted him apart of the puzzle, especially because of his valuable experience.

Now, amongst the many trade rumors that cloud each and every summer, Boston is reported to be the likely new home of NBA veterans Rasheed Wallace and Grant Hill. Wallace is leaving Detroit and is considered “old” by many teams. Grant Hill has been plagued with injuries for the majority of his career, hence creating the “old man” tag that he wears proudly. With Ray Allen set to become a free agent in 2010, and KG’s recent injury report, the Celtics are seemingly taking the Patriot Approach in order to win NOW.

Smart? I think so.  It worked for them two years ago, and it works for the Patriots.

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Lamar Odom to leave L.A.?

Lamar Odom

CBS Sports is reporting that the Portland Trailblazers are strongly pursuing Lakers’ forward Lamar Odom.

Odom played a crucial role in the Lakers’ title run and he was a top priority for the team during the offseason. However, Trevor Ariza was also atop the Lakers’ priority list and he ended up in Houston within days.

If I were the Lakers, I’d be a little afraid. Of course if you’re the Lakers that’s a draw within itself, but Portland is no slouch. They’re young, they’re exciting, and they’re on the rise. Aldridge, Oden, Outlaw, Roy, Rudy Fernandez, and a possible Lamar Odom. Sounds like a solid spot in the West if you ask me.

It was earlier reported that the Blazers were most interested in Knicks’ free agent forward David Lee, but current rumors have changed that.

I know the Lakers scored Ron Artest (which is a massive addition) but the loss of Odom is a massive loss. Not necessarily by looking at the box score, but when you watch the Lakers play, Odom is a horse.

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Hedo Fakes to Portland, Signs with Toronto

Hedo Turkoglu

ESPN reported all day that Hedo Turkoglu had agreed in priniciple to sign with the Portland Trailblazers, however Hedo has since backed away from the deal.

Instead, Hedo signed a five-year $53 million dollar contract with the Toronto Raptors. Turkoglu’s agent has said he changed his mind to play in Toronto because it was more of an international city and it had a large Turkish population. It was also reported that Hedo favored the option of staying in the Eastern Conference after playing in it for the last five years. Coincidentally, Toronto offered $3 million more dollars over the life of the contract, but the change of heart was likely not dependent on the additional coin.

So now the Raptors have a decision to make on whether to build around Hedo and Chris Bosh, or to accept the fact that Bosh will leave next summer and focus on a trade. Personally, I feel that Hedo is a little overpaid at $53 million but, hey, I’m no NBA GM.

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Not Quite A Trade: Rockets and Lakers Swap Forwards

Artest Ariza

The NBA free agency period continued to surprise people around the league, and continued to disappoint the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It was reported yesterday that Lakers’ forward Trevor Ariza was leaning towards leaving L.A. and not even thinking about a hometown discount. And that’s exactly what he did. ESPN has reported that Ariza has agreed to a deal with the Houston Rockets that would pay him $5.8 million per year. With the addition of Ariza, the Houston Rockets look pretty good on paper. Yao (although he may not play), Artest, Ariza, Battier, Brooks, McGrady, etc.

But wait…not so fast.

A majority of reports had surfaced in recent days stating that Ron Artest was content with the Houston Rockets and that he planned on staying in Texas. However, the Lakers thought otherwise. The Los Angeles Lakers have agreed to terms, according to ESPN, with former Rockets’ forward Ron Artest. The deal would pay Artest a reported $18 million over just three years…not too shabby.

So now you look at the Rockets roster and it doesn’t look so appealing. Sure Ariza is a nice addition, but you lost a much better and much more proven Ron Artest. Yao Ming is likely to miss all of next season, if not his whole career, and the rest of the starting line-up is consistently on the trading block. McGrady is getting older, always suffering from injuries, and always has his name thrown into trade talks. Aaron Brooks has had his name thrown into offseason trade rumors. Shane Battier is always a hot commodity because of his defense and shooting ability, making him all the more worthy of a slight filler in a trade proposal. All of sudden, with the loss of Artest, the Rockets don’t look so sexy.

As for the Lakers, they look all the better. Ron Artest is a ..::..HuGE..::.. upgrade for the team whether they lose Ariza or not. Artest has lockdown defense and he has the ability to score. What more could you ask for? His attitude seems to have improved and he appears more mature than ever before in his career.

Although I feel the Rockets really lost a good one in Artest, the real loser amongst these two signings is the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs had both Artest and Ariza on their radar and now they’re both un-signable. If there is anything good out of this for the Cavs, at least both Artest and Ariza stay in the West and away from the Cavs’ 2010 run at the NBA Finals.

The Cavaliers have missed out on Charlie V, Ron Artest, Trevor Ariza, and most likely Rasheed Wallace, meaning they have slim pickins’ for a free agent this offseason. The Lakers improve and the Rockets begin their slow downward spiral (maybe).

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Where In The World Is Ricky Rubio?

Ricky Rubio

It’s more like…where will he end up?

After being drafted 5th overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves, reports have now surfaced that Ricky Rubio may stay in Spain for another year, maybe two! Now he has offers from a Turkish club and Real Madrid; what the hell happened?

It sounds to me like young Ricky may be hiding out in order to hopefully force a trade to a different team, a team that he would prefer. I see it like this:

  • Minnesota drafted Rubio with the fifth pick and then Johnny Flynn with the sixth pick, meaning two point guards in a row. Because I don’t believe that the T’Wolves’ GM is the Matt Millen of the NBA, I have to think that the T’Wolves were thinking of moving at least one of their draft picks. As much as they would like to keep Rubio, I think they may ship him to try and get what they can. Rubio is a pretty hot commodity at this point, especially to Donnie Walsh and the New York Knicks. And I would go out on a limb to say that if Rubio was traded to the Knicks, he wouldn’t be returning to Spain to even pack his bags. Although I can’t think of a trade deal that may take place between the Knicks and the T’Wolves, I would expect to see Rubio in orange and blue before the season starts.

….:::..the drama queen begins his reign….::::…

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With Just One Day Left Until the Draft, the NBA Gets A Shake

Bucks Jazz Basketball

With just a couple days left before the 2009 NBA Draft, the league felt an abrupt shimmy along the way. With three blockbuster trades completed on Wednesday alone, don’t be surprised if several more deals go down and even more rumor clouds pop up.

1.) Milwaukee Bucks send Richard Jefferson to the San Antonio Spurs for Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas, and Fabricio Oberto :                                          

As surprising as it is, your eyes are actually not playing tricks on you. That’s right, the Spurs actually acquired a player under the age of 30. Richard Jefferson is just 29-years-old and will serve as a nice offensive threat for the Spurs. The Bucks on the other hand, do not receive a whole lot in player value but they do get three expiring contracts, and they free up Jefferson’s owed $29.5 million over the next two years, in order to try and retain Charlie Villanueva and Ramon Sessions. It should also be noted that the Bucks immediately sent Oberto to the Pistons for Amir Johnson in order to create even more financial flexibility.

Winner? Although a line-up with Duncan, Ginobili, Jefferson, and Parker is scary, I think I give the leg up to the Bucks because they have a future ahead of them. Spurs make out in the present. Bucks likely make out in the future. But then again, it’s the Bucks.

2.) Washington Wizards send Etan Thomas, Oleksiy Pecherov, Darius Songalia, and the #5 draft pick to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Randy Foye and Mike Miller :

I’m obviously a huge Wizards fan so this position may come off a little bias. In my opinion, the Wizards receive a ‘B’ grade while the Timberwolves receive a ‘C+’. The Wiz send off a huge and ugly Thomas contract and dump some expiring contracts. As a fan, I would say that they sent the #5 pick and a halfway decent bench player (Songalia). The T’ Wolves are now equipped with four draft picks for Thursday night, two of which are in the top-ten. Mike Miller will serve as a solid veteran bench player that can stroke it from three while Foye could compete for the starting point guard position. Although Foye has had injury problems over his first few years, there is no doubt that he can score and pass effectively when healthy. I would like to think that Foye and Miller will do just fine in D.C. However, don’t look for any of the three Minnesota additions to do anything in the production category. The T’ Wolves did this primarily to acquire the #5 draft pick and probably trade up on Thursday night.

Winner? I know, I know. I say the Wizards. The Wiz have plenty of young talent in the locker room (Young, Blatche, McGee, McGuire) and the last thing that would help the team would be a rookie other than Blake Griffin. Instead, the Wiz get two guys who can play right now and contribute solid numbers in most categories. But mark my words…::..the Wizards are likely not finished dealing…:::::….

3.) Golden State Warriors send Jamal Crawford to the Atlanta Hawks for Acie Law and Speedy Claxton :

With the Atlanta Hawks not expected to be able to match an offer that Mike Bibby receives, bringing in an offensive backcourt player like Crawford is a smart idea. Joe Johnson is the primary point-scorer on the Hawks squad but Jamal Crawford can chuck it from all over…and they usually drop. Crawford is like a ticking time-bomb – he could all of sudden drop 50 right before your eyes. The Warriors had to trade him because he never fit in Golden State’s formula while it was the same case for Acie Law in Atlanta. With the Warriors expected to release Claxton, this trade is basically heads-up, Crawford for Law.

Winner? I would say Atlanta by a long shot. Take a look at the stats and see who you would take, Law or Crawford. Acie Law hasn’t had the opportunity to prove himself quite yet but I wasn’t high on the guy when he entered the league anyway. The only problem that may form in Atlanta is who gets more shots, Johnson and Crawford can turn into ball-hogs reeeaaaal quick.

……:::::…It can only get BeTTer from heRe…:::::>>>

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