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Plexiglass Plaxico shoots himself…

plaxico-burress1Plaxico Burress, in my opinion, is one of the most stupid and worst teammates to have on your football team. He doesn’t practice, he misses meetings, he falls asleep in meetings when he does show up, and he always seems like he’s playing half-ass. But I must say, I thought his stupidity stayed within the realm of football…I was wrong.

New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress has told the team that he accidentally shot himself Friday night, a league official told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio.

The incident happened at the Latin Quarter nightclub on Manhattan’s East Side. The club is a sprawling 15,000-square foot, two-story restaurant and club located in the Radisson Lexington Hotel. Katia Laine, a manager at the hotel, told The Associated Press that police officers had been to the club.

Burress went to the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, where he stayed overnight. He was released from the hospital Saturday afternoon.

Now that we are all aware that the wound is not life-threatening, this is extremely comical. I have never liked Plexiglass and this gives me even more of a reason to keep that mindset. What the hell was he doing with a gun? And why was he messing with it to the point where it fires into his leg? The details will probably surface a little later on but the more interesting aspect of the whole deal will be to see how this effects Plexi’s roster spot with the Giants.


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Only in West Virginia

MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va.  —  A West Virginia mother faces charges after being accused of burning the word “wimp” into her 6-year-old daughter’s neck.

Tammy Smith is charged with five counts of child abuse and of malicious assault, all felonies.

Moundsville Police Chief Jim Kudlak said Saturday that the child told police that her mother used a cigarette to burn her. Smith’s daughter told authorities that her mother burned her because she was angered that the girl tripped and fell.

An employee at the child’s school noticed the burns and police were called Wednesday. The girl is in foster care.

The 43-year-old Smith is being held in jail on $50,000 bond. Kudlak says he doesn’t think she has an attorney yet.

Moundsville is in northern West Virginia.

Wow. And West Virginians wonder why the jokes always fall on them.

 “West Virginia, Wild & Wonderful!” I’ll agree with the ‘wild’ part.

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Texas Tech gets SMACKED…

demarco-murray1For all those who argued with me about Texas Tech’s win over Texas being a luck come late; how do you like them apples? Texas beat Oklahoma, then Oklahoma plays Texas Tech and smacks them in the face, 65-21. I know the game was in Norman and Oklahoma doesn’t lose at home, but c’mon. Getting slaughtered by 44 points is extremely tough to swallow. Alabama v. Texas in the BCS Championship game….fingers crossed.

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Life is full of choices…Oxford or the NFL?

myron-rolle1Congratulations to Florida State defensive back, Myron Rolle, for having earned a Rhodes Scholarship. Rolle received the award in Birmingham Alabama on Saturday afternoon, forcing him to snap his 33-game consecutive start streak. However, Rolle received the scholarship, took a plane to BWI in Washington D.C., and made it to Byrd Stadium in Maryland by halftime. Such a great story and certainly inspirational. Now Rolle has to choose, NFL or Oxford? I wish I had those tough decisions to make in life…at the ripe age of 20!

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In a New York Minute

lebronPlease don’t be alarmed, we all knew this was coming. The New York Knicks are currently performing an executive front office strategy called “dumping”. Dumping is when a team makes some trades in order to get some decent players in return with the ultimate goal of trading away some large contracts. New York has dumped Jamal Crawford’s contract and Zach Randolph’s contract. In return, the Knicks receive some guys that have contracts that are due to expire by 2010. Coincidentally, LeBron James will be a free agent in 2010. You’re getting it now, right? That’s right, the New York Knicks will make an extremely hard move to try and sign King James in 2010. I would guess that the Knicks’ main competitor in the King James’ sweepstakes will be New Jersey, which has also dumped some contracts and has LeBron’s buddy, Jay-Z, as a co-owner. Other possible free agents in 2010 include Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, and Manu Ginobili. The most interesting part about all of this is to watch the New York Knicks and see how they finish; are they going after a solid draft pick or trying to win as much as possible? Are they going to make anymore trade splashes? Keep an eye on Quintin Richardson and Eddy Curry as possible guys that might want to get ready to pack their bags. Some deal between New York and Charlotte that sends Curry to the Bobcats may be an interesting find…stay tuned.

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Gilbert Arenas is an idiot

gilbert-in-halo-outfitFor those who haven’t heard, Gilbert Arenas feels like it’s a good idea to just tank this season and ‘be like the Spurs’ and win the lottery to land a Duncan-like player. Whether or not he meant a Duncan-style player or just a player with Duncan’s sudden impact is irrelevant. My question remains the same; why the hell did we pay this guy $111 million? Not only were his knees completely shot, but he obviously has no idea about what winning is all about. Could that be the reason why this team gets clobbered in the first round every year? Could it be why there are arguments as to why Gilbert Arenas is NOT a great player? Sure, he can score, but so can 75% of the other guys in the league.

Wake up Gilbert, you’re a moron. I went from calling you a savior for the sport of basketball in Washington to questioning your honest motivation. I used to think that you played to win a championship and become the best player you can be. Now I feel like your selfish (threatening to leave D.C. for L.A. unless he got his $111 million) and brainless for saying that we should tank the rest of the season.

With such a lack of intelligence, Gilbert, may I inform you that the NBA season is 82 games. The Washington Wizards are 1-8 through 9 games…NINE GAMES! You have 73 more frickin’ games to go, and you suggest tanking? Through nine games, if you really feel like you cannot win another 41 games, then you obviously have no idea about team cohesion, motivation, hard work, dedication, etc. Now that Gilbert has taken all of our money to make any runs at big names in the near future (Bosh), he comes out with awful ideas like this one? And one more thing; who the hell does Gilbert think we can draft? Is there another Tim Duncan in the upcoming draft? Not from what I can see, certainly not through just nine games.

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Do Your Homework

I understand that reporters and broadcasters are people just like you and I, which is why it is so funny when they make mistakes after trying to be so ‘perfect’. However, I have always thought that reporters do some homework on the information that they are going to be covering before they actually cover it. Apparently I was wrong:

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