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Another Guy’s Thoughts On The A-Roid Apology


If you didn’t hear it live, you had to have heard about it elsewhere. Alex Rodriguez’s interview was EVERYWHERE. A-Roid sounded nervous, the reporters stumped him a few times, and he even pulled out the crocodile tears. I know everyone and their dog is posting their opinion about A-Roid and his statement, so I’m doing the same. Just a few:

  1. Injected Energy? Rodriguez stated that the supplement he was taking was an over-the-counter drug that would supply his body with mass amounts of energy, yet he injected it. Aren’t their energy drinks? Energy patches? Energy pills? Why in the hell are you putting Red Bull in a syringe and shooting in your hind parts? An over-the-counter injection? Does that come with free syringes? Sketchy.
  2. His Cousin. Rodriguez claimed that it was he and his unidentified “cousin” who took part in administring the juice. But let’s all remember where A-Roid was when he tested positive for steroids, with the Texas Rangers. A team that also housed Rafael Palmeiro, Juan Gonzalez, and Pudge Rodriguez – all of whom have been linked to banned substances. And I wonder…
  3. The Young & Dumb Excuse. When Rodriguez is asked why he ever began to use steroids, he responds with the “young & dumb” response. That lame excuse is played out! You were 25-frickin’-years-old, gimme a break! He says that he didn’t go to college and therefore didn’t have the time to grow up. Get real Alex! You were in the league at 18 and started taking juice at age 25 (supposedly), that’s seven years to mature dude, please. I use the “young & dumb” excuse after a random Friday night, not after three years of secretive drug use.
  4. Living Up To The Dollars. Rodriguez claims that he fealt the need to live up to the largest contract in MLB history, thus causing him to inject himself with steroids. The years you played in Seattle, prior to abusing steroids, is what earned you that $250 million, did they not? Yea, I thought so. Just continue to perform like you have been and you will improve with experience and practice, it’s called the natural way.
  5. Protect Thy Brother. I commend Rodriguez for handling this embarassing situation the right way, by keeping the names of other big leaguers deep down inside. Rodriguez has yet to give out any names of other juiced athletes. He has given no hints to others and says that he has no knowledge of any other players taking, or having took, steroids. This is probably a complete crock and A-Roid is most likely lying through his biceps, but he’s protecting the baseball brotherhood. Ethical or not, it’s respectful in my eyes.

Hopefully this is a done deal. Alex Rodriguez did what he had to do, he took the criticism like a man and addressed the media the way he should have. Rodriguez has taken numerous tests in recent years and swears that every test is clean. Whether the other 103 names should be released is another story and other big-leaguers will continue to express their opinion. The important thing to remember is that the MLB and Bud Selig are not innocent here. If baseball really wanted to rid the league of steroids then they would…plain and simple.


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Alex Rodriguez is a cheater on the field as well as off?


Sport Illustrated has reported that Alex Rodriguez (yes, that A-Rod guy) tested positive for testosterone and Primobolan, an anabolic steroid, in 2003.

It comes as a shock to me, I’m not sure about others, because I simply viewed Rodriguez as the best player in the game due to his abilities…not because of his drug taking. Not to mention that he has stated himself in a “60 Minutes” interview that he didn’t need steroids.

Coincidentally, Alex Rodriguez won the AL MVP award in 2003. In that year, Rodriguez batted .298 with 47 homers and 118 RBIs.

The current times in baseball are difficult to understand and questionable to watch. The ENTIRE era has been plagued with the “sport cancer” that is anabolic steroids. When watching a game, one has to wonder who is cheating and who is honest. For me, I visually judge each and every player that steps to the plate. Is is head like a Macy’s float? Are his arms like the Hulk? Are his quads ripping through his uniform?

It’s not fair to the fans and it’s not fair to the game. An entire era of America’s Greatest Pastime will go down in history with a giant *asterisk* nex to it. And now, whether you agree or not, the greatest player in the game today is a tested-and-proven cheater.

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Yankees may offer bogus contracts

joe-torreIt has been reported that the New York Yankees are thinking about putting a clause in the future contracts of their players and coaches that would restrict them from saying anything negative about the team and/or organization. Although it may sound like a crock, making you ask yourself “can they really do that?”, it is all in response to Joe Torre’s new book (recalling the 12 years he spent with the Yankees).

I believe the New York Yankees called it a “confidentiality clause”, but we all realize the sole purpose of the idea. The Yankees want to buy up everyone in the free agent pool, buy all the best coaches and managers, and now they want to make sure that the team ONLY gets positive publicity. What the hell does that say about the Yankees organization? To me, the Yankees are banking that someone who leaves the organization would most likely have negative things to say, and the Steinbrenner’s don’t want any part of that.

Just another great reason to root for the Yankees.

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Need an economic uplift?

mark-teixeira-3Just watch the New York Yankees as they continue to gobble up every high-profile, huge-salary, free agent on the market. Just when I thought the Yankees were blowing smoke about signing Mark Teixeira, they go on and sign him for $180 million over four years – it’s those damn Yankess. Don’t they have enough already with Sabathia and Burnett? And what the hell were the Red Sox thinking? They needed Teixeira to compliment Big Papi; don’t we remember how Manny did it when he was in Boston?

I’m happy for Teixeira because he got the big paycheck and it’s always nice to see a hometown guy, not only get paid like a superstar but, play like a superstar. Unfortunately for Maryland and I, he didn’t end up in Baltimore or D.C. like most of us would have hoped. It’s those Yankees again, going after the free agent market like recessions don’t even exist. It has also been reported that they may still pursue Manny Ramirez, which would probably force the networks to televise every single Yankees’ game. The Yankees off-season free agent bill is already sitting at $424 million and they’re still thinking of Manny? Almost unbelievable…

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The damn Yankees, they’re at it again…

mark-teixeira-2The New York Yankees is the new name being thrown around in the Manny Ramirez Sweepstakes, offering a reported 3-year deal worth somewhere around $75 million. The Yankees have also made their name known in the potential signing of Mark Teixeira, another free agent that will certainly become rich very soon.

We all know how I feel about the Yankees and their enormous amount of spending, but is it poissible to NOT hear their name as a possible landing spot for a big-time free agent just once? Manny is certainly a hot player, putting up the 37 homers and 121 RBIs last season, but I hope he stays with the Dodgers. The problem? Many Dodgers supporters are venting and letting the team know that signing Manny for around $30 million a year is ridiculous. It has been reported that Manny and his agent are looking for a 4-year $100 million contract – nice try guys. Manny will probably end up in New York…damn Yankees. Can Manny keep the hair?

Mark Teixeira, a guy from my hometown, is also on the Yankees’ list. Teixeira has been getting offers from all over but many teams have dropped out of the running or taken their offers off the board, including the Angels and Red Sox. However, analysts are continuing to report that Boston is in the front-running for the offensive juggernaut. The Nationals have a pretty big offer on the board, but Teixeira doesn’t turn that ball club around. The Orioles threw out a generous offer but it wasn’t as generous as others – labeling the O’s as non-contenders. HOWEVER, the O’s are in Teixeira’s home state and he has always wanted to play at home. Although my opinion is extremely one-sided because I want Teixeira to come back home, I still would not count out Crappy Angelos and the Orioles as a potential home for the young star.

The Yankees could very well not sign either of these guys, and hopefully they don’t, but the point is that they can. The Yankees have the deep pockets, they have the name to brand, they have it all. Think of a monopoly…Walmart, Windows, ExxonMobil…that’s the Yankees.

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Economy got you down? Not the Yankees…

aj-burnettThe recent downturn of the economy has had a huge impact on many of us, but apparently not the Yankees. While many Americans struggle to buy holiday gifts for their children, the Yankees are having no problem giving themselves ANOTHER early Christmas gift. Today the Yankees signed free agent pitcher A.J. Burnett for five years $82.5 million, coming just two days after they gave C.C. Sabathia $160 million. That’s more than $242 million in less than 5 days…during a so-called recession.

Yankees fans will be the first people to argue with you and say that their players are paid more because they’re in a large market and the cost-of-living is higher than most other places…whatever. The Yankees are the Yankees and their pockets are deeper than any other team in baseball, period. Am I upset that the Yanks are grabbing up all the good players? Not really, it’s the way it always is. What is more satisfying to me is to see teams spend gobs of money in the offseason, only to finish their season in the championship series and have small-market teams wind up in the World Series. If someone or something doesn’t stop the Yankees, they will buy up the entire free-agent market, inlcuding all of the decent pitchers.

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Sabathia to the Yanks, say it aint so…

sabathiaWhy are you surprised? The Yankess buy another high-profile free agent, no shocker here. Did some of us think he would stay West Coast? Sure, I thought he was going to the Angels without question. But once again, the Yankees and their demon leader, Steinbrenner (no disrespect by the way), offer a guy so much money that no one can complete. And how important was it to C.C. to play in Cali? Apparently not that important. The Yankees had an offer on the table of somewhere around $140 million and C.C. and his agent contemplated with C.C. saying that “he wasn’t sure about playing in New York”. Then, the Yankees outbid themselves (intelligent right?) by offering another year to C.C. and giving him a contract of $160 million. Hmm, shall we think? Was C.C. chasing the money? Ummm, I think so. “Well honey we were going to go live in sunny California but for $160 mil…we’ll be looking for private schools in New York”.

I’m a little irritated because its the Yankees being the Yankees and I’m an O’s fan (sad I know). But I am not surprised and I cannot honestly say that I thought the Yankees wouldn’t some how pull this out. I had just hoped that Sabathia went and played for Mike Sciosca in his home state back in California. Well, actually, I wanted him to come play in Baltimore but I just don’t think that would have worked out….

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