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Shaq Does Pro Wrestling, Provides Amusing Photo

Shaq thought wrestling was “real“.

Although I find this idiotic and absurd, in Shaq’s defense, he looked pretty good for approaching 40-years-old.


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Shaq To Join LeBron? Trade Talks Fade

Shaq and LeBron

What started out last February as a possible deal that would send Shaquille O’Neal to the Cleveland Cavaliers has now quieted down again, as it did when the Cavs were making their serious playoff run.

First talks of the trade that would send Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavolic to the Suns in exchange for the 37-year-old future Hall of Famer surfaced in February but they soon died down in order for the Suns to see how the team chemistry changed with the promotion of head coach Alvin Gentry. Now that the Suns have officially declared themselves as “rebuilding”, they are looking to ship the oldest and highest-paid player on their team.

Shaq could certainly help the Cleveland Cavaliers, joining fellow ol’ guy Zydrunas Ilgauskus in the frontcourt of a title-ready team. It may seem like a sense of urgency for the Cavaliers who many feel need to win a title in order to keep LeBron in Cleveland. Will the addition of Shaq help the Cavs? Absolutely, and I would even go as far as to say that they would get the better end of the deal. Sure Shaq is 37 but he has at least one more solid year left in him. He played the most games last year than in the last nine years of his career and recorded his highest ever field goal percentage. Shaq is a dominant force that would shine if he returned to the East for one last title run.

Shaq has said he is open to a trade and that he would prefer Cleveland. Cavs GM Danny Ferry and Suns GM Steve Kerr are longtime friends from back in their playing days and I wouldn’t doubt that Steve Kerr helps out a fellow GM friend in a different conference that is far closer to a title than the Suns are.

How do the odds change for the Cavs in 09-10 if they land Shaq?

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Amare Stoudemire Joining LeBron In Cleveland?


Yahoo Sports has reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers contacted the Phoenix Suns earlier this week to discuss a bid for All-Star forward, Amare Stoudemire.

The rumored offer included Cleveland sending Wally Sczerbiak, J.J. Hickson, and a first-round draft pick to the Suns for Stoudemire. Yahoo Sports also mentioned that Cavaliers’ forward Anderson Varejao was included in possible scenarios. Cleveland GM Danny Ferry said that there were “No discussions at this time” when contacted by Yahoo Sports on Friday.

Amare Stoudemire will become a free-agent in 2010 and he will surely draw attention from teams all over the league. But if the Cavs can pull him in now and resign him AND LeBron in 2010…look out.

The Cavaliers, however, are not the front-runners for Amare. A couple other teams are offering packages with a little more juice in order to bring in the big man. League sources say that Chicago wants in on Stoudemire, with a potential scenario that would send Drew Gooden, Tyrus Thomas and Thabo Sefolosha to Phoenix.

I know the NBA seems to be about nothing but expiring contracts and money hungry players, but it’s entertaining nonetheless. And for a year when my beloved Wizards are the worst team in the NBA, I’m pulling for the Cavs to land Amare.

LeBron + Amare + Mo Williams = Guaranteed NBA Title

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Not A 1-On-1 Showdown, But Kobe Leaves Cleveland With A Win


The hype. The everlasting comparison between two of the game’s greatest players. The office arguments of which guy is better and who you would take on your team. It was all settled on Sunday afternoon. Or was it?

Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers traveled to Cleveland to take on LeBron James and the Cavaliers. The result, in my opinion, was a surprise as the Lakers handed the Cavs their first home loss all season. I can’t say that I thought Kobe and LeBron would go head-to-head, but I thought they would both perform better than they did.

Kobe finished with 19 points, 2 assists, and 3 rebounds. LeBron had a horrible day shooting as he went 5-20 from the field, finishing the game with 16 points, 12 assists, and 8 rebounds.

The Lakers finished a tough road-trip that included both the Cavs and the Celtics, both games of which they won. Are the Lakers still the real deal without Bynum?

I’ll stick with the Cavs to win it all. I’ll stick with LeBron as the best player in the game. And I’ll gladly listen to the insults and bashings.

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