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“Broadway” Mark Does His Best, Outplays Brady and Defeats Patriots

Mark Sanchez 2

There was no one quite like Broadway Joe. The Jets passed through a bundle of quarterbacks but never found the guy that would give the franchise another run like Namath. Well don’t look now, but Mark Sanchez is showing serious promise.

Going up against the Patriots today, all eyes were on Sanchez. Rookie quarterbacks were just 1-5 against Bill Belichick going into this game with 12 interceptions. Sanchez wasn’t rattled. Although not spectacular, Sanchez did what he had to do to manage the game and get the WIN. He completed 63% of his passes for 163 yards and a touchdown. But the most important stat was his interception count – zero.

Just two games into the season, Sanchez is looking like he might be able to fill the “Broadway” shoes. He’s got the look, he’s got the talent, and the wins should begin to stack up. Although difficult most of the time, Sanchez doesn’t seem to mind the spotlight.


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Top Ten Sexiest Ladies Of The NFL

With the recent marriage of Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen, I thought to myself that she’s not the only bombshell of the NFL. Here is a list of the top-ten sexiest wives or girlfriends of NFL players…

10.) mercedes-lindsay

Mercedes Lindsay has been dating Redskins’ quarterback Jason Campbell for the past couple of years. She is a former Ms. Washington D.C.

9.) christy-oglevee

Christy Oglevee was a former Washington Redskins’ cheerleader who was released after having relations with starting tight end Chris Cooley. They have since married and Oglevee has appeared in Maxim magazine, pictured above.

8.) 110767_D_0389

Missy Peregrym was dating Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger but rumors say they have since split. I’m going to pretend that they’re still together so we can keep her on the list. Not to mention, she’s a not-so-popular actress and Big Ben makes $102 million…she should stick around.


Kendra Wilkinson was dating Hugh Hefner and now she’s engaged to Eagles’ wide receiver Hank Baskett. I mean, those guys are similar in about ZERO ways. Kendra comes in at #7 because during her reality show (Girls Next Door) she just didn’t come off as someone having a lot of brains up there…and yes, brains do matter.


Pilar Sanders has been married to Deion “Prime Time” Sanders since 1999, yet she’s often left off of many top-ten lists. Not this one…


Meagan Good can be found in a lot of not-so-good movies, but she can also be seen hand-in-hand with Jets’ running back Thomas Jones. The two aren’t actually married but she’s one of the most beautiful woman on Earth.

4.) jennifer-walcott

Jennifer Walcott is married to former-NFL star Adam Archuleta. I’m not 100% sure if Archuleta still plays or if he’s worth a dime, but his former Playboy Playmate wife is a definite LOCK for the Sexiest Ladies of the NFL.

3.) kim-kardashian

You may not know her as the girlfriend of Saints’ running back Reggie Bush, but you certainly know her for some other things (a.k.a. SEX TAPE). Kim Kardashian is extremely attractive but a publicly released sex tape knocks her down a notch.

2.) carmella-decasare

Remember when Terrell Owens was in San Fran and he called his quarterback, Jeff Garcia, gay? Well Terrell should read this! Jeff Garcia has dated HOT, attractive, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, so on and so forth super model, Carmella DeCasare, for quite some time. To me, it’s perfect indication that Jeff isn’t gay. I’d be interested in seeing Terrell’s taste in women… 

1.) gisele-bundchen

This should be a surprise to NO ONE! Giselle Bundchen is, hands down, the sexiest lady of the NFL. She recently wed Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady and she’s one of the highest-grossing super models in the world to boot. I shouldn’t receive any arguments about this, Giselle is arguably the sexiest woman on the planet.

Do you have a different opinion? Did I leave someone off the list? Email me or leave a comment.

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And It’s All Over, Tom Brady Marries Super-Model Fiance


First they were dating. Then engaged. Then NOT engaged. Then they were married. Then they weren’t married. And so on and so forth. All the while, keeping the average guy hopeful with slim chances of landing one the most attractive people in the world, Gisele Bundchen.

But it’s all over now! According to reports, Bundchen and quarterback fiance Tom Brady wed Thursday night at a Catholic church in Santa Monica. The ceremony was reported to be very small and only included relatives and close friends.

Sorry to inform those that believed they still had a shot with Gisele. A helpful tip from The Box, don’t be so hard on yourself, you’ll land the next super-model bombshell.

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Matt Cassel will stay put in New England

71465469EG021_Houston_TexanSorry Minnesota, San Francisco, and any other team that may have had a slight bit of interest in Matt Cassel. Cassel was expected to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2008 season and he looked like fresh meat for some quarterback-desperate teams. However, sources have stated that the New England Patriots plan on applying the franchise tag to Cassel, which will pay him just over $14 million. With Tom Brady’s not-so-good rehabilitation and the stellar play of the young quarterback, the Patriots decided to play it safe.

Matt Cassel can’t be too upset with his $14 million in guaranteed cash, especially when Tom Brady is making just $15 million. So Cassel gets the big money but he may not receive the big shot. If Tom Brady comes back okay, then Cassel will likely be riding the bench like he was just one year ago. But if Brady continues to rehabilitate at the rate at which it’s reported, then Cassel may take the reigns for another year in New England.

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There is still hope guys…

giselle-bundchenOnce I heard the report of Tom Brady proposing to super model girlfriend Giselle Bundchen, I was a little heartbroken. I mean Tom Brady already receives every great label a guy can get and now he’s going to marry the most beautiful girl on the planet (my top 10 would call for a seperate post)? How great of a life could this guy have?

Well now it is being reported that Giselle was NOT sporting a ring and that Tom Brady did NOT in fact propose to Giselle on a plane in front of a lot of family members, all of which was originally reported. Maybe Tom got down on one knee (his good one) and Giselle realized that his rehab wasn’t going too well? Maybe he won’t be playing next season?

Nonetheless, for me and every other wishful and ultra-confident male out there…we still gotta chance!

Good luck gentlemen.

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September Surprise

NFL Week 3 had its upsets, no doubt about it. The first one that comes to mind is obviously the winless Dolphins snapping the Patriots 21-regular season game win streak. It seemed as if the Dolphins could do no wrong. Ronnie Brown had four touchdowns on the ground and threw for one as well. Brown made people aware that he is still a great back in this league, he’s just down there in Miami. Chad Pennington didn’t have any touchdowns but he threw for 200+ yards and missed on only three passes. I heard a man (I think it was Oberman) say that Tom Brady should be in the running for this year’s MVP, because he’s the reason the Patriots aren’t a threat. To me, the Patriots are still a decent team. They still have a defense, which may be a little slow but it can still close games. They still have a receiving group that is hard to contain. And they have a running back (injured at the time) that is a hard downhill runner. I don’t feel like people should judge Cassell just yet though. This is only his second start in a billion years and he may just need a little time to get the grasp on things. Not everyone can come in like Tom and do work like he did, take it easy on Cassell. If he doesn’t get it by the end of the season, then maybe people can start shunning him. And hey, who knows, maybe the Dolphins just needed two weeks to get their stuff together and now they’re a serious threat in the AFC East. Buffalo didn’t play a comfortable game against Oakland, the Jets are getting the “overrated” label, and Miami can obviously beat the Pats. So maybe this whole division is up for grabs, it’s really too early to judge.

The other surprise, to me, was the Browns getting destroyed by the Ravens. I actually received a comment from someone and they weren’t happy about my prediction of the Browns “smacking” the Ravens. To that individual, I apologize. I try to take games with the best odds in terms of betting. The Browns were underdogs and they faced two really good teams in the weeks prior to Sunday. The Ravens, on the other hand, beat the Bengals (don’t know if you’ve seen them play) and they have a rookie quarterback (Shane Falco). I felt like I was making a safe bet, and everyone bets wrong. I was surprised at how bad Derek Anderson played and how dominant the Ravens’ defense was. We all know that Baltimore has great defense, but they absolutely shut the Browns down despite their aging. And I can only imagine what the Browns fans are saying in Cleveland; probably some faint whispers of Brady Quinn? I would hate to think that Derek Anderson’s 2007 season was a fluke, but he needs to get it together like a Pro Bowler normally would. And the last note to that one angry individual: unless you lost significant cash on the play, cool down a little bit. This site is all in fun and the Ravens game was a simple misplay. If you checkout a majority of the handicappers, they liked Browns +3 as one of their best plays. I encourage you to send me your picks for Week 4, college or pro football. Thanks for your support, I’ll try to pick it up next week.

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