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Redskins’ Skid Continues, Zorn’s Seat Gets Warmer

Redskins Fan

Players are outraged, coming to blows in the locker room. Coaches are on the hot seat, as close to being terminated as you can get. And the fans are fed up, wearing paper bags to cover their faces at games. The only solution for a team in this kind of state is to win. So what do the Redskins do? They lose to the winless Kansas City Chiefs while scoring just six points. And in fact, the team is doing even worse than the embarassing loss indicates…

The Washington Redskins played like normal in the first half, like a flat soda sitting uncapped for days. The offense had no “go” and the defense looked, at the very least, decent. Rather than giving the kicker a shot for a 53-yard field goal before the half, Zorn elects for Campbell to give it a heave to the endzone. The ball is intercepted and the half ends, Redskins lead 3-0. When the teams take the field to begin the second half, 105-year-old backup quarterback Todd Collins is suddenly the starter as Campbell sits on the sidelines with a beanie and coat on. What gives?

Perhaps it was the blocking by the offensive line, or lack thereof, that caused Campbell to be benched? We all know that Collins is much more mobile when the pocket begins to collapse, which it so often does. Or maybe Campbell was benched because of the lack of depth on the offensive line as a result of piss poor drafting by the front office? Because we all know that the quarterback makes the selections in April and he always want non-catching receivers. Or maybe Campbell warmed the bench in the second half because he had just 89 yards in the first half? Then again, he does call all of the offensive plays from the no-huddle. Whatever the reason may be, Jim Zorn and the coaching staff has made it that much harder on themselves. Not only did Todd Collins produce the same amount of points as Campbell in the same amount of time but with more urgency, but Campbell has to feel like the lowest man on the team right now. How does Jason Campbell tie his cleats next Sunday with confidence? Or does Campbell even start next week? See what I mean? Creating a quarterback controversy at this juncture makes no sense and it takes away from the little amount of identity that your team once had.

Peter King has reported that a meeting was held between Jim Zorn, Dan Snyder, and Vinny Cerratto following the miserable home loss on Sunday. The result? Cerratto relieved Zorn of all play-calling duties. It actually makes sense, finally Cerratto does something intelligent. But why did it take this long? After you performed a rush-hire to make Zorn the head coach and offensive coordinator after a botched head coach hiring job; now you make the change?

Please remember that the current situation in the nation’s capital is NOT Jason Campbell’s fault, nor is it Jim Zorn’s fault. Whether you like Campbell or not, he can’t make his line stay healthy and at least block a little bit. And whether or not you like Zorn, he is working with what he was given because he has absolutely no say in what takes the field on Sundays. Jim Zorn was a lonely quarterback coach in Seattle and was making the modest and humbling jump to become an offensive coordinator. That same lonely quarterback coach was in no way prepared for the OC duties as well as the head coaching duties for one of the league’s most poopular teams. Zorn has a lot of sh*t on his plate and he’s taking the heat for it. Fair? Hardly. But until the Snyder/Cerratto regime gets the hell out of D.C., that same plate will remain full no matter who sits down to it.

Welcome aboard the “FIRE DAN SNYDER” bandwagon.


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Troubled Receiver Heads to Jets in NFL Trade

Braylon Edwards 2

Former Browns’ receiver Braylon Edwards has had his fair share of trouble and rumors during his five-year stint in Cleveland. From his hands-of-stone last season to his most recent allegation of sucker punching LeBron James’ 170-pound friend outside of a nightclub, the Browns have finally seen enough.

On the other hand, the New York Jets were lacking a deep threat to accomodate rookie sensation (too soon?) Mark Sanchez. Not a doubt in my mind that Edwards is good and will likely help out Sanchez, but it’s the off-field stuff that should concern people. If Edwards gets into crap in Cleveland, what the hell will he be like in New York City? But then again, who knows? Maybe Edwards takes advantage of the HUGE opportunity that lies: a new scene, a big city, and a MUCH improved Jets team.

The Browns received wideout Chansi Stuckey, a third-round selection (which could turn into a second), a fifth-round selection, and a special teams player in return for Edwards. Although I am a fan of Stuckey, I think the Jets make out okay in this one but all their eggs appear to be in one basket.

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Lions Snap Embarrassing Streak, Redskins Continue Their Own…

Dan Snyder and Vinny

With today’s horrendous loss to one of the NFL’s worst franchises in history, the Washington Redskins have given us all the ammunition we need to tear them apart. From the front office down to the sidelines, the Washington Redskins are in a really bad spot right now. A spot so bad that people have a real point when they claim, “…the Redskins suck…”

With that said, what better way to talk about the Detroit Lions snapping their 19-game losing streak then to break down why the Redskins SUCK:

Let’s start with the front office, shall we… It’s obvious that I’m not a huge supporter of owner Dan Snyder or ANY of his moves. He tries to run the franchise like a fantasy team, buying up all the big name guys with honest thoughts of getting a reasonable return on investment. Snyder also likes to be apart of ALL football decisions, but the problem persists that he knows absolutely NOTHING about football. Until this guy sells the team, a positive outlook for the Redskins is not in the forecast.

Staying upstairs in the suite…. How about the Redskins’ stellar general manager? Oh wait, they have no general manager. God forbid Dan Snyder and the Redskins take a page out of some successful teams’ books, such as the Ravens and Giants, and hire a guy that really knows how to BUILD a team. Anyone can go out and say, “Oh, he’s good. Let’s pay him”. It takes a good GM to go out and build a team with strengths and depth. Vice President of Football Operations Vinny Cerrato DOES NOT fit the bill. After his first season in 1999, in which he signed half-past dead stars like Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, and Mark Carrier, Cerrato has only gotten worse. Finally, when the Redskins got a real coach in Marty Schottenheimer, Cerrato was fired because Schottenheimer knew he sucked (a glaring sign in my opinion). But once Marty was fired (mistake), Snyder re-hired Cerrato, which leads people to believe that Vinny has naked pictures of Snyder’s wife that he doesn’t want getting out.

Heading down to the sidelines…. Second-year head coach Jim Zorn has shown very little promise for the team thus far. He was originally hired for, what many believed, the offensive coordinator job after the departure of another failure, Al Saunders. But after Snyder and Cerrato scrambled to find a head coach and came up empty handed, they named Zorn the head coach and had no problem allowing him to call the plays. So, not only did Zorn come in with ZERO coordinator experience, he was given play-calling and head coaching duties. Sounds about right…

Staying down here…. The Redskins defense has ranked pretty well over the years in terms of yards allowed, great. But what happened to tight coverage, pass-rushing, and takeaways? The Redskins defense has NONE of that. Their secondary is poor to begin with, but the lack of pressure that the defensive line gets on the quarterback doesn’t help the least bit. It’s a respectable ability to say that you’re good against the run, but ranking dead last in the league in takeaways really brings down your intimidation factor. Without any really understanding of the 50-yard cushion that Washington defensive backs give receivers, it could explain why none of them can intercept opposing quarterbacks.

Scanning the locker room…. There are a lot of big-name players around here. Portis, Haynesworth, Moss, Fletcher, Landry, Cooley, etc. But what’s to show for it? The Redskins have very little depth at each position and once a star goes down, you can forget about a decent back-up. This refers back to the GM and the drafting of the franchise, but it essentially comes down to how Snyder likes to buy talent rather than draft and build. Looking at Super Bowl teams and conference champs, this isn’t the way things are done. The Ravens have had a great defense for years, even with retiring players and multiple defensive coordinators. Why? Because they draft for need and build effectively, like a successful team should. The Redskins would rather create trade talks about Jay Cutler a whiney unproven gun slinger come draft time rather than focusing on the #1 draft choice or trading for additional picks.

This can only go on for so long, I think. It’s not that fans would stop coming to games, that would simply never happen, but until the Washington Redskins start to run like a real team is suppose to, they will never succeed. How long will it take until Snyder realizes that the team only needs his money and NOT his horrible insight? Bring in a proven coach that can lead a team, bring in a general manager that knows what he’s doing, and then allow them to run the team. If you want to be successful Dan Snyder: sit back, shut up, and put up the dollars.

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Allen Iverson Finds A New Home

Allen Iverson

Future NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson signed a one-year deal with the Memphis Grizzlies today worth a reported $3.1 million, a deal that Iverson claims is his  “rookie season again”.

It’s great to see Iverson with a new team, a team that invites him and a team that he doesn’t mind playing for. However, winning an NBA Title was obviously not in A.I.’s mind. The Grizzlies? C’mon. Couldn’t you chat with the Celtics? Wouldn’t you rather be a legit title contender with men your own age rather than winning 35 games with a group of young guys that are attempting to gain the spotlight you once had?

Good luck Mr. Iverson. (And you’re still required to practice)

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Update on Michael “K-9” Vick

If I have to hear one more time that Michael Vick is signing with someone by the end of this week, I may just order one of those personalized jersies with Vick’s name on the back and start my own ‘official’ rumor. It’s getting to be a little much. Does it really matter where Vick ends up? He won’t come into the season until week six, and then people expect him to take over at quarterback?!?! Gimme a break.

Vick, because I do believe he will be signed, will be used as a jack-of-all-trades if for anything at all. He may play a little quarterback, a little receiver, a little decoy, whatever — but the guy will not be a starting quarterback this year. And for those who think Vick will be a substantial upgrade to your team, think again. His input will be very minimal and he just so happens to be human, meaning his production will be minimal as well.

So, as a close and dear friend of Michael Vick and one of his many trusted advisors (lie), I have come up with a plan that will really help Mr. Vick get back on his feet. (Drumroll…) Michael Vick becomes the newest addition to the hip-hop world when he changes his name to ‘K-9’ and starts dropping platinum rap albums!

I don’t want to lie and say I thought this through, but I did spend about six seconds on it. But please, hear me out! Instead of keeping the football fanbase guessing on where the hell Vick will end up, he becomes a rapper and eliminates all 32 teams. Instead of Vick getting paid the league-minimum, he gets paid like all the other rap artists and collects royalties. And instead of struggling in the league only to be ridiculed by millions of fans, ‘K-9’ can spend his time showing you around his mansion on MTV Cribs. Doesn’t sound all that bad, huh?

I think the main problem with Mike Vick and his “comeback” is that he thinks that football is all he has — and this is obviously not true. How do I know this? Well other than the fact that I’m his friend, advisor, and all that jazz; Vick’s first interview since being released from prison was actually conducted with hip-hop mogul ‘Young Jeezy’. That’s right, instead of interviewing with ’60 Minutes’, ESPN, or sitting down on Oprah’s couch, Vick decided to hop on camera with Young Jeezy during his  ‘America’s Most Wanted Tour’. Did Tony Dungy advise that?

I can see it now: “K-9 Tops Charts with Hit Song, ‘It’s Just A Dog’.”

Note: I am not a Michael Vick “hater”. I support Michael Vick and I thoroughly believe that he has paid his debt to society for being a complete frickin’ idiot. He does deserve a second chance in the NFL. However, using your rapper friends to get yourself into the hip-hop game just sounds a little easier.

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Michael Crabtree: Just Another Wide Receiver Diva?


This can’t be good.

Michael Crabtree has already lived up to the stereotype that ‘all receivers are divas’. Before ever taking the field as a professional athlete, Crabtree is already unhappy with his contract negotiations. I suppose that it’s one thing to be unhappy, but it’s completely different when you threaten not to play.

The San Francisco 49er’s drafted Michael Crabtree out of Texas Tech University with the tenth overall selection in the NFL Draft this past April. As we all know with first-round draft choices, every rookie waits on each other in order to maximize the dollar amount on their first-ever NFL paycheck. Although I feel like rookies get paid entirely too much money as it is, the wait-and-see approach by agents really does make the most sense. However, as reports have stated, Crabtree wants the money that a #3 overall draft pick would earn (a.k.a. Crabtree wants #3 money). In fact, Crabtree wants #3 money so bad that he has actually threatened to sit out the entire 2009 season and re-enter into the NFL Draft in April of 2010. And please take note before all hell breaks loose, these are rumors. Crabtree’s cousin, who also happens to be his adviser, stated that M.C. would not play for the Niners unless he was paid what he is worth. Crabtree’s agent, on the other hand, has stated that this rumor could not be farther from the truth. But with Crabtree yet to take the field or suit up, it’s beginning to look like the Niners are going to be one Crabtree shy come opening Sunday.

It was kind of apparent that Crabtree was a little “flashy” when he was at Texas Tech (new shape-up every three days, phat diamond earrings, cocky personality, etc.). But acting like a spoiled brat before ever putting on an NFL jersey is only hurting yourself. Back in 2007, the number two overall pick was Calvin Johnson, a receiver out of Georgia Tech. Johnson held out for eight days until he finally signed his six-year deal worth $64 million ($27.2 guaranteed).  With that contract in mind, I can only imagine that Crabtree is looking for something in the general ballpark – and I can’t see that happening.

Do the 49er’s need a franchise receiver? Absolutely. But when a man threatens your team (if reports are accurate), how do you continue on with firm beliefs that he will be a loyal and care-free employee? We’re talking about a multi-million dollar asset that’s apart of a multi-million dollar franchise…

We may not know the details of the drama, but it sure doesn’t look good on the cover.

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Michael Vick is Apparently Close To Signing With Team


According to Michael Vick, he is “close” to signing with a team. As Vick left a courtroom today, because that’s his second home as of late, a reporter asked about his future in the NFL. Vick responded simply, “We’re close”. What Vick forgot to mention was that the team he is “close” to signing with is located in Orlando and is part of the United Football League.

But in all seriousness; who are the potential suitors for Vick? Realistic suitors that is, and ones that exist in the NFL.

  • San Francisco – Mike Singletary is the head coach and we all know he doesn’t play. The 49er’s aren’t as bad as they may appear (that’s a bias statement) and having Vick wouldn’t downgrade the team. The problem falls within the city itself – San Fran has a lot of PETA support. Expect protests every home game.
  • Pittsburgh – They have won Super Bowls, they have role model players, they have the reputation, and they have earned the respect of being an intelligent ball club. Some teams may sign Vick and experts would bash them for being “stupid”. If Pittsburgh or New England signs Vick, it’s considered a wise move and they’ve suddenly taken a risky diamond in the rough.
  • New England – As stated above, New England has the reputation for being an intelligent team. If Vick goes to New England, they’ll keep him straight. Plus, New England has a record of taking other team’s trash and turning them into treasure.
  • Washington – I don’t even like to talk about this because I really don’t want it to happen. However, you can’t deny the fact that Dan Snyder is the owner and he runs the Redskins like he’s in ‘Franchise Mode’ of the Madden 2009 football game.

The question isn’t whether Michael Vick will behave himself. He made some stupid decisions in his life but I don’t think he’s a stupid person. He’s not Pacman. He won’t go out and fund another dog-fighting ring. The main question when discussing Michael Vick is the risk of your organization’s reputation. As a team owner – are you willing to sit through the home game protests for Vick’s first season (because they have to stop eventually)? Your team may lose support from fans that also happen to support PETA, but die-hard fans are die-hard fans and they’ll stay that way with or without Michael Vick.

Closing argument – Michael Vick signs with San Francisco

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